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Updated: Jun 21

Consent opens up the discussion of what consent means and how to spot the early warning signs of it being broken.

We explore healthy relationships, peer pressure, coercion, society’s expectations, alcohol, the right say no post previously saying yes, drugs, self-esteem, changing your mind, communication and how to ‘read’ each other including body language and vocal language.

‘A no’s a no until it’s a yes. You know… you have to persuade them a bit’A simple case of either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’?Maybe it’s not that simple at all?

There has been so much media about the issue of consent we have been increasingly worried that our young people are receiving mixed messages through the media, the news and our politicians. In addition, there seems to be an attitude that consent is about a simple no or yes but of course it’s way more complicated than that.

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