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The Bruise You Can't See - Business Workshops & Public Show

Updated: Jun 21

This is a story about love. And abuse. A story untold till now.

Suzie’s got a great job and a good life with amazing friends who she is out with when she meets Olly. He’s funny, charming and they talk all night leading to the most romantic 1st date and the most amazing relationship she has ever had. But Olly has another side. And what looks like the perfect relationship to everyone else, is slowly becoming a nightmare for Suzie.

“1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men experience domestic abuse. Ex survivor, Sarah Ellis, the play’s writer says “Society has focused on the violence. But just because someone doesn’t hit you, doesn’t mean you aren’t in an unhealthy relationship. It’s time to look at the gaslighting and coercive control that are an integral part of domestic abuse. And explore the early warning signs so that we can recognise and reach out for support if we need.”

The Bruise You Can’t See is based on a true story and presented by Theatre Inspiring Change, a multi award winning, inclusive theatre company whose mission is share stories, start essential conversations and make change.

And this is theatre with a difference.

Given the widespread and indiscriminate nature of domestic abuse our play isn’t just Suzie’s untold story. It’s also Sean’s story, who is in an abusive relationship with his girlfriend. It’s also Simon’s story who is in an abusive relationship with his boyfriend. And it’s also Sasha’s story who is in an abusive relationship with her girlfriend.

Whose story do we see?

Whichever story the audience choose when they arrive at the theatre. The majority vote will decide whose story we share.

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