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Theatre In Education

Our unique fusion of theatre, training and workshop is

fun, challenging and engaging.

We create a safe atmosphere for your young people to ‘walk in the shoes’ of the characters to recognise the differences between each other, listen and ‘feel’ the impact with empathy and passion to enable embedded change. They tell the actor what to do. And then watch how that unravels.

And always with the power to stop it at any time to discuss, evaluate, change, try something else and more.

Everything is delivered with humour, passion and authenticity as we entice rather than demand involvement, which is the key to our empowering delivery method.

We DON’T use PowerPoints.
The issues that we want to explore with your young

people are human.
Therefore, we ban PowerPoints from our work and focus on the human.
The key to our success.

Our work isn’t about theory, data or policy. Again, the issues that we want to explore with your young people are human.
Communication is the key to success, however it is often influenced and affected by different values,attitudes, and beliefs. Some of these are conscious but some unconscious and deeply held.

And although it is possible to create theory around what we say and how we say it; what we do and how we do it etc, we explore how to get to the heart and mind of the humans we work with.

To have courageous conversations, explore our own bias as well as the bias or others and help to build a culture of empathy, empowerment and respect.

The power of non formal learning.
We are proud to have developed a non formal and

hands on process to our work.

Accessible to all, including those who don’t necessarily respond to formal learning because of additional needs, learning difficulties, confidence, disengagement or any other reason.

We enable those who are happy to engage but also those who would prefer to sit back and observe.

No barriers, differentiated and consistently accessible.


Our whole school approach menu includes the following:

  • Focus groups

  • Interactive theatre performance / workshop

  • Diversity Ambassador Programme

  • Teacher training

  • School community performance

Focus Group

A focus group is for 30 of your young people to explore the issues around the project and the topic.

Delivered as a drama workshop with a Theatre Inspiring Change facilitator and actor, the focus groups allows your young people to communicate how they feel, what they think the issues are, what language they find around the issues, what experiences they find as well as exploring communication and team working skills.

Conversations, opinions, words and discoveries are then taken into the rehearsal room to feed into the following interactive show/workshop. Enabling an ownership to the piece that this focus group will see when the show comes to them.


  • 30 students for 1 session (2 or 3 hours)

  • A room with no furniture (ie drama studio or hall)


An applied theatre performance with an interactive workshop.

Showcasing real stories and then immersing your young people into the lives of recognisable characters who find themselves in challenging situations that end in crisis.

The performance part leads into the workshop section, where your young people are invited to walk in the shoes of the characters and get the chance to go back in time to put things right.

Exploring, digging deeper and communicating ideas to our team to try out solutions in our ‘rehearsal for life’ process.

In a safe atmosphere of honesty and empowerment for the audience, thereby allowing room for positive challenge and change.


  • 75 students per performance/workshop (2 available each day)

  • 2 hours per performance/workshop

  • A large room or hall


The Diversity Ambassador Programme is delivered post performance with 30 young people.

A 2/3-day programme with our Artistic Director and an actor, to explore the issues through drama to become ambassadors of knowledge.

Your young people will gain skills to become authentic leaders for change. Exploring emotional intelligence, self-esteem, drama for empowerment and change, leadership skills, emotional health learning, devising and performance techniques. Creating a tool for change to increase awareness of the issue and share new knowledge within the school community and beyond.

Previous programmes have been used to roll out knowledge to other students, staff / SLT, parents & carers, governors and local dignitaries etc evening launch for the public.


  • 30 students for 2 days

  • A room with no furniture (ie drama studio or hall)


We’ve empowered your young people to recognise the issues. We’ve signposted where they can get help.
One of those signposts is to talk to their teachers.
But who is supporting them?
The triangle of empowerment is at its best working with your teaching and support staff.
Delivered as a session during an inset day or as a twilight session.
1 or 2 hours on a twilight or inset day
A large room or hall


We’ve empowered your young people to recognise the issues.
We’ve signposted where they can get help.
Teachers are empowered to deal with conversations/issues.
But when young people go home and into the community, we empower those in the school community too.
Delivered as an after-school performance at a time that suits you best.
Inviting: parents/carers, local dignitaries, community leaders and school community members too.
90 minute / 2-hour performance after school
A large room or hall

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